Nov 4, 2011

"Smart Passive Income" is the way we all should work it!!! Review

Well, I can tell you what this review is quite overdue...I have been busy, busy, busy as usual working on my online ventures of course...Learning how to be an online marketer and raising a family will just about lead you to be "cross-eyed and crazy"...By the end of the day I am soooo done you can just stick a fork in me...Now on to the review for the rest of you WAHMs out there...

Pat Flynn of has a site that is chock full of great FREE tidbits...And the thing I like most about his site is that he seems to give honest how-to details on how to do lots of online marketing...He has videos that show you how to build your business...And he has podcasts, sometimes co-hosted by (or interviewing) big names in internet marketing... The podcast sound quality is great (you know he's using a slammin microphone)...He even does a monthly income report as proof positive that his methods are working for him...If you want to start at one place to learn practical ways of how to make money online by increasing your traffic, you can't go wrong with

As I type this, Pat and his family are in Los Angeles gearing up for the Blog World Expo...So look for him...He'll be sportin his "HELLO My Name Is PAT" red backpack, so I'm sure you won't miss him...Now before I forget, if you are interested in niche marketing you have to check out his page How to Build a Niche Site...On that page you will find links to the challenge that Pat participated in, which has been coined the Niche Site Duel...He shows step-by-step how his niche site was built so you will see his plan, missteps, execution and accomplishments...Don't miss it!!!

Hello My Name is Pat

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