Oct 28, 2011

Top 6 List of Blogs for WE 10/28/2011 !!!

FREE Stuff to Build Your Online Business and Make Money

Yes, I'm broke...And I have been using that as motivation to find out how to make money without spending money...So, maybe I'm not completely broke, I have $3.32 in my checking account... woohoo!!!...I have that whopping three bucks in there because when I started blogging, about a month ago, I bought trial memberships (for $1 each) in a couple of programs (and had to quit, when I didn't make any money obviously, because I do not have any money to pay the monthly fees that they charge)...

So, then I discovered something really great...There are some affiliate programs for products that I wanted to sell that include FREE training for their affiliates...So in the course of stumbling across these bargain basement (have you guys ever been to Filene's Basement...I haven't been there in many, many moons...sorry, I must be suffering from Adult ADD) FREE deals/training, I have just kept stumbling upon better and better FREE tools, tips and tricks...So I've decided to try and do a weekly blog post about the great internet marketing freebies that i come across here on my WAHM blog...

Top 6 list of blogs/resources that i've discovered this week:

1) From FREE affiliate training to ====>>>>> FREE eBook mycps "Make Your Content PREsell" gives great tips on how to find your voice and how to use it to presell your traffic so they convert from visitors to customers.

2) Working James' FREE method gives you a really good content writing exercise and happens to become habit forming and could possibly generate traffic to make money too!!!

3) Corbett Barr (Surfing around, I don't remember whose blog led me to his free eBook...Thanks anyway, Mr./Ms. Referrer)=====>>>> FREE eBook/Manifesto: 18 Mos, 2 Blogs, 6 Figures (warning Corbett uses a few 4-letter words in his manifesto)

4) Sandy's blog ====>>>> FREE eBook and link to Pat and Tyrone's niche building challenge

5) Video Blog review of amyporterfield.com w/ Derek Halpern, priceless tips for increasing conversions on your blog/website by tweaking it's appearance

6) Podcast from Pat Flynn co hosted with Corbett Barr (4-letter word free, yippee) about getting more traffic to your site (and then converting them to customers to make more money)

That's my top list of blogs/resources for this week...So please check back next week for a new list or even better leave your top 1, 2 or 3 FREE resources in the comment section below so that we can all check them out...Thanks in advance...

Oct 26, 2011

Build a Business...Using SBI! is How To Build It !!!

Building a Profitable Business Online is What Ordinary People Have Done and YOU CAN TOO!!!

Real people build real businesses and so can you...If you are asking "How?"...SiteBuildIt! is how to do it...

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Oct 25, 2011

More Traffic: 8 Ways to Attract Followers on Twitter...

I was tweeted an article today from Melinda Emerson (aka @smallbizlady)...The article from her Succeed as Your Own Boss website details eight basic points to remember when trying to gain a following in Twitter that hopefully will be a means for generating some FREE traffic to your website and thus helping your business make money...How to generate free traffic is a hot topic these days, among internet marketers, mainly because of the large numbers of active users on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter...So, it definitely should be of paramount importance to be a savvy social media marketer...Inbound traffic to your website will be the entrance point for marketing to prospects through your Google mail (gmail) account via an autoresponder...Your social media marketing campaign should grow your business by fueling the engine that makes deposits into your Paypal account (provided you have one of course)...Cha-ching...The eight ways to attract followers on twitter are as follows:

  1. Use usernames which match your name or business service or other social networking sites.
  2. Make sure your bio gives a good reason for people to follow you.
  3. Be part of the conversation.
  4. Always look to add value.
  5. Follow people from within your industry niche and geographic area.
  6. The best way to get referrals is to give them.
  7. Connect your blog and social networks to your Twitter profile.
  8. Purchase banner ads.
Read the details of the eight ways to attract followers here.

Melinda Emerson is a Veteran Entrepreneur, Small Business Expert and Social Media Coach who hosts #smallbizchat on Twitter. #Smallbizchat is the trusted Twitter resource to discuss everything entrepreneurs need to know about launching and running a profitable small business. Melinda’s first book, Be Your Own Boss! How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business 12 Months or Less! is scheduled to be released by Adams Media in early 2010.

For tips to start or grow your small business subscribe to Melinda Emerson’s blog http://www.succeedasyourownboss.com

Oct 16, 2011

Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA) Trial Membership is ONLY $1 !!!

A Marketers Opportunity of a Lifetime!!!

I just found this incredible offer today, in the Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA) membership program...And it is nothing less than mind-blowing...These two internet marketing gurus, Steve Clayton and Tim Godrey, have laid it out with this one...This is a membership program with training videos (200+), step-by-step manuals (80) and all the tools, with a combined value of over $15,000, that they have personally used in their system to make over $10,000,000 in 3 years...(Talk about a WOW factor)...They are including, in the members only area, access to another product of theirs which had rave reviews, Commission Blueprint 2.0 (a $497 value) at no additional cost..

There are full courses on all kinds of need-to-know topics such as SEO, autoresponder and PPC, just to name a few...FYI, some of the tools included are Keyword Research 2.0, Blog Blueprint and Article Blueprint...For the newbie they have included an action plan so that you can get on the right track with a proven system, step-by-step...From what I have read in reviews, Steve and Tim have a history/track record of giving you more than you bargain for in any product that they put together...Also it's my understanding that the Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA) delivers the same level of quality as previous products from Steve and Tim, and then some...Something new that you will have access to in the members-only area is "Monthly Businesses in a Box" (sounds like something turn-key and fool-proof; join IMA and let us know how this works)...

From what I can tell, this is a well connected system/blueprint for newbie and veteran marketers alike to get tremendous benefit from, because it is packed with resources and information that should get you well on your way to adding to your bottom line...CLICK HERE to start your $1 membership trial of Internet Marketing Advantage (IMA)...To your success...

5 Reasons To Take Action Now...
You'll get instant access to the step-by-step training tutorials which include over 200 videos & 80 instruction manuals...
You'll have exclusive access to the "in-house" tools and software we use to make thousands of dollars each week...
You'll receive on-going support from both our email help desk and our buzzing forum...
We'll show you how to get traffic and sales for FREE... meaning ZERO additional costs...
There is nothing else to buy. There are no upsells or one-time-offers!

Start today by CLICKING HERE to maximize your internet marketing strategy!!!

Oct 14, 2011

The Renegade Marketing System....WOW !!!

Proven System To Build Your IM Business or MLM Opportunity Without Harassment Tactics

As usual these days, I have been busy, busy, busy...to say the least...And I just ran across this website you should take a look at...I think you'll find it really interesting...Here's the link:


It's called The Renegade Network Marketer and it basically talks about how to build a huge mlm business without having to talk to anyone you know...I'm not quite sure what to think of it yet, it totally goes against the grain of anything I've read about MLM before...It even claims that you can get paid to prospect people and make money whether you sponsor them or not...Check it out, see what you think.

So. if you're sick of harassing your friends and co-workers about your "business opportunity" and going broke buying leads that only turn out to be duds...you may be interested in learning the closely-guarded secret that every guru knows about marketing: You can attract people to you and actually have them PAY YOU to prospect them. Rather than spending money to get people into your business, you can put cash in your pocket upfront instead... regardless of whether you sponsor them or not!

Click here to learn more =>


Oct 11, 2011

WAHM Newbie, Reviews Just For You!!!

Reviews/Recommendations for Newbie WAHMs

I've been working like a little hamster on a wheel...Sifting through all the freebies from email lists that I have joined...And now today I thought I would give my fellow newbie WAHMs a heads up on where I see the best places are to start...Let me preface this short list by saying that there are many, many, many free resources available to the newbie WAHM internet marketer, but these from what I can tell, are the best places to start when you are as wet behind the ears as I am...

The Niche Blogger

Amy Bass provides a free tutorial about what else, niche blogging...It's a 10-Day Crash Course designed for the niche blogger...Once you sign up for the course, the sections come to you one day at a time for 10 days via email..Excellent reading for a newbie WAHM internet marketer like me...I highly recommend that after you have completed the 10-Day Crash Niche Blogger Course, you sign up for the full-blown niche blogging course...Amy takes you by the hand day by day (month 1 of the course is plotted out one day at a time) almost like in baby steps with complimentary videos where appropriate and screen shots to make it easy for almost anyone with no knowledge about niche marketing/blogging to get a good foundation that builds day after day and then month after month...Now the course is broken up over a 12-month period...You receive the materials one at a time, month after month...So if you are not quite the newbie that I am, you may want to opt for the lifetime membership...The lifetime membership gives you the privilege of receiving all 12 months worth of material at once, so that you don't have to wait for the calendar to tick along to receive your next month's course materials...All in all I definitely give The Niche Blogger two thumbs up for providing a resource that is so newbie friendly...

Next up...


Barb Thornback's site is chuck full of helpful hints about working from home, which is a go-to-website for newbie WAHMs like me...She starts off, right on her homepage, with her top 20 opportunities to make money online...Certainly a fine list for you to start from, checking them out on your own...Barb lists paid survey opportunities, blogging opportunities, writing opportunities, home business ideas and more...Privy2Profit has an articles directory where you will find many articles about affiliate marketing and then auctions and many more including traffic building...There are 56 articles to-date on home business ideas...So make yourself a cup of coffee and do your research...Starting with Privy2Profit seems to be a nice place to start...

And last but not least...

Traffic Generation Cafe

Ana Hoffman, the brains behind TrafficGenerationCafe.com, truly has a A+ website... TrafficGenerationCafe has tons of resources and articles focused upon sharing tips and tricks for getting more traffic to your website/blog...Traffic is essential to get your voice heard over and above the thousands, if not millions of other internet marketers/bloggers out there...If you are going to be a serious blogger, you can't go wrong in spending a little time every day at TrafficGenerationCafe researching how to improve your rank with all the search engines...And please, please, please don't leave Ana's site without signing up to receive your compimentary copy of "7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination"...Ana definitely primes you for a successful SEO strategy...Case in point, check out her cunning application of her SEO/Traffic generation prowess in her article "Promote Yourself: More About You & Your Business" ...There are more than 1585 comments on that page alone...Like I said, you can't go wrong learning from the TrafficGenerationCafe.com...

If you have any recommendations to add to this list, please make a note of it in the comment section below...Thanks for stopping by...

p.s.  Please note that I have added a "Promote Your Blog" page...Pop on over and tell us a little about yourself and your blog...Thanks again...

Oct 1, 2011

Motivation: Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired ?!?!?

Today was a replay of days gone by...Yes, the bill collector came and the money just wasn't here...

I am focusing my efforts on training for a better tomorrow...I have been watching how-to-videos...Cramming in as many tutorials and eBooks as I can get my eyes on....Making contact with other folks that seem to have the vision and know how "been there, done that"...Investing lots of time and effort into figuring out how to organize a system for myself, where I will evaluate "what works" vs "what should just be dumped in file 13"...I definitely see why this is called the information age...I am almost suffering from information overload...

I can see that it is going to take some time to get to where I want to be...but, I am motivated...I am sick and tired of being sick and tired...Now is the time for me to change what I've doing, so that I get a different output...Although I am making baby steps, because my funds are low, I am far from discouraged...

I consider myself to be educated secularly, but this network marketing thing is all new for me...I am definitely a newbie...So if you have any tips or shortcuts you would like to share with me, please feel free to post them below...and if you have any leads on how/where I can make some quick cash (I need it like yesterday) then please pass that on to me too...and lastly if you have anything to spare (like I've heard a New Yorkers saying "Can I get some car fare???") then please click the donate button and empty out your bank account...LOL!!!

Stay tuned (provided that we can keep the lights on around here)...LOL

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