Oct 28, 2011

Top 6 List of Blogs for WE 10/28/2011 !!!

FREE Stuff to Build Your Online Business and Make Money

Yes, I'm broke...And I have been using that as motivation to find out how to make money without spending money...So, maybe I'm not completely broke, I have $3.32 in my checking account... woohoo!!!...I have that whopping three bucks in there because when I started blogging, about a month ago, I bought trial memberships (for $1 each) in a couple of programs (and had to quit, when I didn't make any money obviously, because I do not have any money to pay the monthly fees that they charge)...

So, then I discovered something really great...There are some affiliate programs for products that I wanted to sell that include FREE training for their affiliates...So in the course of stumbling across these bargain basement (have you guys ever been to Filene's Basement...I haven't been there in many, many moons...sorry, I must be suffering from Adult ADD) FREE deals/training, I have just kept stumbling upon better and better FREE tools, tips and tricks...So I've decided to try and do a weekly blog post about the great internet marketing freebies that i come across here on my WAHM blog...

Top 6 list of blogs/resources that i've discovered this week:

1) From FREE affiliate training to ====>>>>> FREE eBook mycps "Make Your Content PREsell" gives great tips on how to find your voice and how to use it to presell your traffic so they convert from visitors to customers.

2) Working James' FREE method gives you a really good content writing exercise and happens to become habit forming and could possibly generate traffic to make money too!!!

3) Corbett Barr (Surfing around, I don't remember whose blog led me to his free eBook...Thanks anyway, Mr./Ms. Referrer)=====>>>> FREE eBook/Manifesto: 18 Mos, 2 Blogs, 6 Figures (warning Corbett uses a few 4-letter words in his manifesto)

4) Sandy's blog ====>>>> FREE eBook and link to Pat and Tyrone's niche building challenge

5) Video Blog review of amyporterfield.com w/ Derek Halpern, priceless tips for increasing conversions on your blog/website by tweaking it's appearance

6) Podcast from Pat Flynn co hosted with Corbett Barr (4-letter word free, yippee) about getting more traffic to your site (and then converting them to customers to make more money)

That's my top list of blogs/resources for this week...So please check back next week for a new list or even better leave your top 1, 2 or 3 FREE resources in the comment section below so that we can all check them out...Thanks in advance...


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  2. Thanks, John for stopping buy...I went to your blog and LIKED it!!!


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