Oct 25, 2011

More Traffic: 8 Ways to Attract Followers on Twitter...

I was tweeted an article today from Melinda Emerson (aka @smallbizlady)...The article from her Succeed as Your Own Boss website details eight basic points to remember when trying to gain a following in Twitter that hopefully will be a means for generating some FREE traffic to your website and thus helping your business make money...How to generate free traffic is a hot topic these days, among internet marketers, mainly because of the large numbers of active users on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter...So, it definitely should be of paramount importance to be a savvy social media marketer...Inbound traffic to your website will be the entrance point for marketing to prospects through your Google mail (gmail) account via an autoresponder...Your social media marketing campaign should grow your business by fueling the engine that makes deposits into your Paypal account (provided you have one of course)...Cha-ching...The eight ways to attract followers on twitter are as follows:

  1. Use usernames which match your name or business service or other social networking sites.
  2. Make sure your bio gives a good reason for people to follow you.
  3. Be part of the conversation.
  4. Always look to add value.
  5. Follow people from within your industry niche and geographic area.
  6. The best way to get referrals is to give them.
  7. Connect your blog and social networks to your Twitter profile.
  8. Purchase banner ads.
Read the details of the eight ways to attract followers here.

Melinda Emerson is a Veteran Entrepreneur, Small Business Expert and Social Media Coach who hosts #smallbizchat on Twitter. #Smallbizchat is the trusted Twitter resource to discuss everything entrepreneurs need to know about launching and running a profitable small business. Melinda’s first book, Be Your Own Boss! How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business 12 Months or Less! is scheduled to be released by Adams Media in early 2010.

For tips to start or grow your small business subscribe to Melinda Emerson’s blog http://www.succeedasyourownboss.com

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