Sep 29, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started, Right...I Hope!!!

Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, I have been busy...Reading articles, watching tutorials, setting up accounts...Hey,  I even set up my first Amazon Affiliate aStore, Yippee!!!  Check it out and please leave me some feedback:

Yesterday, I even opted in for eNews from website and guess what happened...the guy on the video tutorials that i had been watching called me back...I thought that was neat, although he didn't get a sale from me (too broke for the memberships, right now)...

Through all this research I've picked up on a few buzz words that I would like to share with you today and as I learn more I will clue you in on my path to discovery.  Google these:
  • backlinks
  • CPA
  • niche
  • SEO traffic
  • mini sites
Based on everything that I have read and seen, before starting any entrepreneurial endeavor you must:
  • Be motivated
  • Set your goals by writing them down
  • Research your industry
  • Start doing something towards achieving your objectives and schedule your time to achieve little milestones (and reward yourself for these accomplishments)
  • Have a mentor to help you stay focused and advise you
Stay tuned as I journey towards success...I can tell you this...this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime...

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